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EmPowered Readers: A multidisciplinary and multisensory approach to reading for kids that may struggle to learn the traditional way. This program is supported by both our Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy teams.

Reading Foundations
(Pre K-1st Grade)

Targeted Skills:

  • Rhyming
  • Counting words within a sentence
  • Counting/segmenting syllables within words
  • Blending word parts to create new words
  • Identifying the initial and final sounds within words
  • Recognizing the difference between capital and lower-case letters
  • Identifying and labeling letter names
  • Identifying and labeling letter sounds
  • Beginning to blend sounds to create simple words
  • Determine a hand dominance
  • Reads/writes from left-right and top-bottom
  • Writes all capital and lower case letters
  • Mature reflexes
  • Age-appropriate hand-eye coordination skills
  • Sustain attention to age level reading materials
  • Visual motor and perceptual skills (tracking, saccades, convergence, eye teaming, discrimination etc.)

Reading Expansion
(2nd-4th Grade)

Targeted Skills:

  • Recognizing basic sight words
  • Segmenting words into individual sounds
  • Using letter-sound knowledge to sound out unknown words
  • Consistently determining between long and short vowel use within words
  • Decoding multi-syllabic words
  • Reading simple sentences
  • Identifying key details within written information, including character, setting, and events
  • Predicting what will happen next in a story
  • Determining the meaning of unknown words based upon the rest of the sentence
  • Beginning to read more fluently
  • Retains and interprets auditory/read information
  • Reads/writes from left-right and top-bottom
  • Writes multiple sentences
  • Complex hand-eye coordination skills
  • Mature reflexes
  • Sustains attention to age level reading materials
  • Advanced visual motor and perceptual skills (tracking, attention, convergence, eye teaming, saccades, discrimination, etc.)